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    Celebrate the Reason for the Season with Religious Christmas Cards

    Christmas is a time to celebrate the day our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born. This pious Christian holiday brings families and friends closer together in devout appreciation for this great miracle. We all have different ways to celebrate this religious holiday, but a widely-practiced tradition is sending Christmas cards. CardsDirect offers a large selection of religious Christmas cards to spread the joy of the season. Send out Christian Christmas cards to customers, employees, and those closest to you, to celebrate your faith. And choose from religious Christmas card designs that include:

    • Nativity scenes
    • Peaceful landscapes
    • Elegant crosses
    • Words of wisdom
    • Pious designs
    • And more!

    Our most popular religious Christmas card designs

    Some of our most popular designs include:

    Angel Christmas cards

    Angels are God’s messengers. They are portrayed as kind, pious, and ethereal beings responsible for performing many miracles. They protect and guide humans while facilitating God’s plans. Sending angel Christmas cards during the holidays shows your recipients that you care about their life’s journey, their spiritual development, and wish them safety on their voyage. Show family and friends, employees and customers that you are looking out for them this season with CardsDirect’s beautiful assortment of angel Christmas cards. Wish them peace, hope, and endless prosperity.

    Madonna and Child Christmas cards

    Another staple of Christmas is Mother Mary and the Baby Jesus. It was on that fateful night in Bethlehem that our King and Savior was born. Celebrate his life and this miraculous event with our Madonna and Child Christmas cards. Stylish and pristine, our assortment of Madonna and Child Christmas cards remind us of the purity of the season and that there is nothing more powerful than God’s love.

    Nativity Christmas cards

    In Christian tradition, a nativity scene, sometimes called a manger scene, is typically set up during Christmastime to recapture the night Jesus (our Savior) was born. Nativity scenes differ, but will most often depict Joseph and Mary watching over Baby Jesus, sometimes other people and animals will be present, like the three wise men, shepherd(s) or shepherd boy(s), goat(s), lamb(s), donkey(s), ox(en), camel(s), cat(s), rooster(s), peacock(s), dove(s), and lion(s). Send your favorite nativity scene this Christmas with nativity Christmas cards from CardsDirect. We offer a wide selection of different nativity scene Christmas cards to choose from, ranging from more traditional portrayals to fine art renditions and several other spiritual, artistic, and ornamental representations. Send a card that encapsulates the reason for Christmas with our nativity Christmas cards.

    Although the bible does not say how many wise men there were, the tale of the three wise men or three kings who visited Jesus on the night he was born has become an often-shared Christian story during Christmas. Some believe that the account of three wise men came from the number of gifts Jesus received; one of gold, one of frankincense, and one of myrrh. Wherever your beliefs lie within the scope of this amazing story and the three kings, CardsDirect would like to offer our lovely assortment of three wise men Christmas cards to send as a representation of your faith and respect during the wonderful season of Christmas. Choose from many unique artistic depictions of this beautiful event and faithful symbol and send these three wise men Christmas cards to your most beloved recipients.

    Religious Christmas card verses

    We also offer a bunch of expertly written religious Christmas card messages, for creating the ideal card to send to your recipients. When customizing your religious Christmas cards choose the religious Christmas card verses that speak to the heart of your beliefs, for an authentic profession of your love for God and of others. Here are some of our most popular religious Christmas card sayings:

    • God's greatness shines on you at


      and throughout the New Year

    • May you have the Gift of Faith

      the Blessing of Hope and the peace

      of His Love at Christmas and always

    • May the Blessings of Christmas

      be with you today and always

    • Christmas is the perfect time to show

      your happiness & gratitude for

      all jesus has given you.

    • The gift of love, the gift of peace,

      the gift of happiness...

      M a y t h e s e b e y o u r s a t C h r i s t m a s

    • Jesus shows us his love every day;

      return the favor this Christmas

      and throughout the year.

    • Follow in the warmth of His Light this Christmas

      and throughout the year.

    • A star is born!

    CardsDirect would like to thank you for choosing us for your religious Christmas cards this year. Have a safe and joyous Christmas season – God bless!

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